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Computer and Internet New Zealand Companies Worldwide
  • A member-owned and operated Internet Service Provider providing dedicated Internet services at cost throughout Colorado. Includes general company information and a
  • Cooperative organized to reduce the cost of Internet connections by sharing the cost of a reliable, high speed Internet connection. Includes general company info.
  • An open, self-governing computer conferencing system. Includes general company information.
  • Small UK based server cooperative. Includes information on starting new server co-ops.
  • General information about this small server cooperative.
  • Cisco Systems employees server cooperative. Links to homepages of Cisco employees.
  • Flying Brick Industries is a collective of artists and designers working to produce graphics, movie clips and visuals for the web and other applications. Site requires
  • A non-profit organization of independent wireless internet access providers for the Corvallis (Oregon) area and surrounding communities. CAFWAP providers share their
  • A rural wireless Internet cooperative based near Colorado, aiming its services at less affluent communities.
  • The portal for registering the \".coop\" global top-level internet domain (exclusively for cooperatives).
  • Provides business computer services.
  • A co-op offering hosting, domain names and web development for community projects. Includes product and service information, plus help and FAQ. Bristol, UK.
  • Member-owned internet service provider based in north-central Indiana. Offers web-mail, hosting, and domain name registration.
  • Member-owned Internet Service Provider located in north-western Florida. Includes service sign-up and bill payment options, and links for local news, weather and sports.
  • NISC provides integrated IT solutions for telecom and energy utilities.
  • Workers' co-operative providing 3D pre-visualization and multimedia services.