Web Applications, New Zealand

Web Applications New Zealand Companies Worldwide
  • Develops web-enabled business applications and e-commerce capabilities.
  • Online consumer credit reports and custom internet applications for E-Commerce.
  • E-business applications at high speed using tested components. Offers program management, architecture, design, development, quality assurance, rollout and documentation
  • Offering web application development and consulting services focusing on web process optimization.
  • Intranet, exchange and E-commerce applications using Java (J2EE) Application Server technologies.
  • Call center management and e-commerce web site builders using open-source software.
  • Developer of web applications.
  • Technology company providing management systems, e-commerce, web design, and distribution for the leisure travel industry.
  • Offer software development services, focused on web application design, development and hosting. Based in Delhi, India.
  • Offer web design, hosting, web application development, intranet and ecommerce solutions. Includes portfolio of work. Based in Calgary, Canada.