Consulting, New Zealand

Consulting New Zealand Companies Worldwide
  • An hotel management company providing services for owners of hotel/motel properties throughout the United States.
  • Hotel management, sales and marketing, human resource management and training.
  • Hotel developer and management company.
  • Hotel management, brokerage and construction companies located in the Midwest.
  • Specializes in internet marketing for the hotel industry.
  • Specializes in hotel consulting, interim management, profit improvement and refinancing.
  • Consultants providing operations management, marketing strategy and accounting services to hotel properties nationwide (US).
  • Hotel sales and marketing specialists. Providing services in facilitation of sales training programs, auditing and monitoring direct sales efforts, and consultation for
  • Offering escort services in Australia. Includes description of services and company information.
  • Reader board service serving collection and research firm. Specializing in research and development of hotel sales leads.
  • Consulting, valuation and research in the worldwide hotel industry.
  • Offers customised solutions to small to mid-sized hotel companies. Located in London, UK.