Bar Inventory, New Zealand

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  • An inventory and shrinkage system that provides Bar and Nightclub owners with a daily account of shrinkage problems (giveaways, overpouring and theft) within their
  • Specializing in liquor and beer inventory control management systems.
  • A Palm system enabling bar managers to track their physical liquor inventory.
  • Manufactures a wide variety of digital control products to manage inventory stock.
  • Supplier of branded weigh scales. Based in Katy, Texas, USA.
  • Offers inventory control software.
  • Offers point of sale and inventory control software for the retail liquor industry.
  • Providing the bar industry with loss prevention products to reduce waste and theft.
  • Liquor management and inventory control software for bars and restaurants.
  • Wireless liquid inventory management systems.
  • Produces the LiquidGuardian brand of liquor inventory software for bars and restaurants.