Carbon, New Zealand

Carbon New Zealand Companies Worldwide
  • Manufactures graphite, synthetic graphite, carbon fiber and natural graphite products.
  • Supplier of graphite electrodes and graphite products for the steel, foundry and other applied industries.
  • USA. Carbon graphite composite materials for the steel, medical, automotive and aerospace industries. Fiber reinforced carbon composites for durable, high-performance
  • Supplier of graphite electrodes and specialty graphite.
  • India. Diversified company, active in graphite electrodes, textiles, sponge iron and hydropower. Precision woven fabrics for high-performance gas and fine particle
  • Manufacturers of carbon and graphite; worldwide distributors. The site contains resources on material properties and uses.
  • Distributor of graphite electrodes, cathode blocks, and flexible graphite sheet. A division of M. Brashem Inc. .
  • Manufacturer and importer of electrical and mechanical carbon products for all industrial applications. A wide range of preventative diagnostic equipment, including
  • Manufactures carbon and graphite powders as well as dispersions
  • Specializes in producing graphite electrodes. Includes information on products made for applications in other industries.
  • Manufactures a variety of carbon and graphite products, ranging from machined specialties to large components for melting and handling systems.
  • Manufacturer of graphite and carbon parts for industry.
  • Develops and produces a variety of graphite materials and products.
  • Offers a range of products and services for carbon, graphite and high temperature materials.
  • Produces high purity graphite products and molds.
  • Offers a range of graphite based products.
  • Produces high-purity natural graphite, special shapes used in Li-battery, and micropowder graphite.
  • Produces carbon segments and mechanical seals. India.
  • Makes precision ground carbon graphite blanks for electrodes. Includes list of products and services.
  • Manufactures graphite and carbon products plus graphitization and toll carbon baking services.
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