Ceramics, New Zealand

Ceramics New Zealand Companies Worldwide
  • Producer of custom parts made of glass, fused quartz and ceramics.
  • Manufacturer of small and specialty piezoelectric ceramic elements and assemblies for medical, ultrasonic, underwater and other commercial applications.
  • Manufactures clay and glazes for potters, schools and artists and supplies tools, glaze chemicals, ceramic materials and decorating supplies.
  • Manufacturer and supplier of prepared bodies for technical and traditional ceramic such as maiolica, tableware, stoneware, electrical porcelain, refractories, and
  • Producer of small precision parts in ultra hard materials such as advanced ceramics, alumina , zirconia and ruby and sapphire. Balls and seats, pistons, cartridges,
  • Supplies equipment and know how for granulating and drying of ceramic and metal powders or chemicals. Plus freeze granulating with improved product properties.
  • Manufacturer of high performance thin film materials providing a vast array of metal, al
  • China clay from New Zealand that produces a high quality porcelain and bone china with strength and translucency. Includes technical information sheets.
  • Manufacture of ceramic coffee photo mugs, plates and tiles for dye-sublimation and dye-sub printing.
  • Ceramic products, sanitaryware, wash basin, water closet, bidet and vitreous china product.
  • Specialist in high grade technical ceramics products for a variety of industries that demand purity of materials and critical specifications. A member of the Beauford
  • A technology development and commercialization company specializing in dielectric ceramic powders, capacitors, polymers, sensors, energetics, specialty materials of
  • Textile, wire machinery parts, and aerospace.
  • Manufactures alumina and zirconia ceramics for wear resistant applications and provides thermal spray coatings for wear, corrosion and thermal barrier applications.
  • From the Czech Republic, a supplier a of ceramic insulators for LV, HV and UHV systems and other products.
  • Manufacturer of custom ceramics for electrical, electronic, welding and technical uses. The pyrophyllite material is machined and fired to customer specification.
  • Specialists in advanced materials such as ceramics.
  • Offers client service in ceramic and related industries by bringing together the finest candidates and career opportunities.
  • E-commerce site offering high temperature FiberFree refractory material for use up to 1950\u00b0C.
  • Refractory manufacturer, contractor for refractories, boiler and furnace repairs in steel, aluminum, iron, petrochemical, sugar, wood, cement, food processing and power
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